Z&L filtration factory supplying high efficiency hydraulic oil filter O1.NR.1000.25VG.10.B.P,01NR SERIES

Item No.: 01.NR.1000.25VG.10.B.P
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Z&L filtration factory supplying high efficiency hydraulic oil filter O1.NR.1000.25VG.10.B.P,01NR SERIES

Quick Details
Element series:01NR series
Construction:Cartridge Filter
Place of Origin:HEBEI. CHINA
Brand Name:Z&L FILTER
OD:3.5 IN
Weight: 5KG:
Type: engine &vehicle air filter for engine ,generator,transmission ,pump truck ,dump truck
Material: glass fiber
Filtration micron: 10  micron
Filtration efficiency : 98%
Working pressure (PSI) : 305
Low operating temperature (F) : -13
High operating temperature (F) : 248
Flow: from outside to inside
Material of gasket: nitrile rubber
Fluid type: HH/ HL/ HM/ HV/ HFD
Accuracy: 10 microns

 Product parameters

Produce Name

Z&L filtration factory supplying high efficiency hydraulic oil filter O1.NR.1000.25VG.10.B.P,01NR SERIES

certification ISO9001
Filter material plastic caps and bottoms .ss mesh support.rubber ,glass fiber
Place of origin


Brand name z&l filter
Fits The filtration effect and the service life of the post-filter element are greatly increased by adopting the perfect manufacturing technology of tapering wire winding structure.
Primary Filter Media Source Hv filter or Chinese glassfiber

OD:3.5 IN
Weight: 5KG

Operating Efficiency OE HD 97% Initial Eff. on 10 micron

Z&L filtration factory supplying high efficiency hydraulic oil filter O1.NR.1000.25VG.10.B.P,01NR SERIES

Product introduction
Z&L Filter produces   Light weight, more practical, safe and environmental friendly.

53% open air perforated stainless steel mesh for maximum air flow.
Instant time 0.05 seconds purify nasty odors and contaminated air.
Adsorb particulate faster and more effectively than other carbon.
Superior small holes construction and high-performance sorption.
High iodine adsorption value 1000,Removes 99.5% of airborne odors.
With the same iodine value, the effect of coconut shell active carbon is the best.Zinc-anodized steel housing / mesh inner with cotton.
Pre filter set is included and also have other colours and make OEM to you. 

  Product Features


This strainer is positioned at the suction entrance of the reservoir tank to protect the hydraulic pump.


The all stainless construction supports phosphate ester oil and water based fluids.


Compact yet protects a sizeable filtration area using folded wire mesh pleats as filtering material


Stainless steel wire mesh allows the filtering material to be cleaned and reused

Series Number List

01.NR 630.3VG.10.B.P

01.NR 1000.25API.10.B.V,

01.NR 1000.25V.10.B.P, 25V

01.NR 630.6VG.10.B.P.

 01.NR 1000.10API.10.B.V, 

01.NR 1000.250G.10.B.V.

01.NR 630.10VG.10.B.P.

01.NR 1000.3VG.10.B.P.VA, 

01.NR 630.1VG.10.B.V.

01.NR 630.25G.10.B.P

01.NR 1000.25VG.16.B.V.IS25,

01.NR 1000.25G.10.B.P.I

01.NR 630.25VG.10.B.P

 01.NR 630.25VG.10.B.V,

01.NR 1000.10.1G.10.B.V.

01.NR 1000.6VG.10.B.P.

01.NR 1000.25.1G.10.B.P.

01.NR 1000.500G.10.B.P

01.NR 630.40G.10.B.P

 01.NR 1000.1000G.10.B.P,

01.NR 1000.3VG.10.B.P.IS06,

01.NR 630.80G.10.B.P

01.NR 250.25G.10.B.P, 

01.NR 630.25G.10.B.P.VA,

01.NR 1000.3VG.10.B.P.

01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.N

01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.P.V,

01.NR 1000.10VG.10.B.P.

01.NR 250.3VG.10.B.V.V

01.NR 1000.3VG.10.B.V.VA, 

01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.P

 01.NR 1000.32227.10VG.25G.25.B.V.

01.NR 1000.25V.10.B.P.IS27

01.NR 1000.16VG.10.B.P

 01.NR 1000.32227.10VG.25G.25.B .P.

01.NR 1000.10.1G.10.B.V.VA

 01.NR 1000.25G.10.B.P.

01.NR 1000.1VG.10.B.P.IS

01.NR 1000.10API.10.B.P.VA

01.NR 1000.40G.10.B.P.

01.NR 250.25VG.10.B.V., 

01.NR 1000.10API.10.B.P.

01.NR 1000.80G.10.B.P.

01.NR 1000.25V.10.B.P, 25V

01.NR 1000.25API.10.B.P

01.NR 1000.130G.10.B.P,

 01.NR 1000.250G.10.B.V.,

01.NR 1000.25API.10.B.P.VA

 01.NR 630.16VG.10.B.P,

01.NR 630.1VG.10.B.V.-

01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.V.I, 

01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.P.IS06

01.NR 1000.25G.10.B.P.I

01.NR 1000.10VG.10.B.V.,

 01.NR 1000.25G.10.B.V

01.NR 1000.10.1G.10.B.V

 01.NR 1001.10API.10.B.P.

01.NR 1000.40G.10.B.V.

01.NR 1000.500G.10.B.P

 01.E 150.25G.30.E.P,

01.NR 1000.10P.10.B.P,

 01.NR 1000.3VG.10.B.P.IS06

01.E 600.80G.HR.E.P.VA

01.NR 1000.3VG.10.B.V.

01.NR 630.25G.10.B.P.VA

01.E 900.10VG.HR.E.P.VA,

 01.NR 1000.10VG.10.B.V.-

01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.P.V,

01.E 900.16VG.HR.E.P.

01.NR 1000.80G.10.B.P.VA

 01.NR 1000.3VG.10.B.V.VA

 01.E 450.10VG.HR.E.V.VA

 01.NR 1000.16VG.10.B.V.

01.NR 1000.25V.10.B.P.IS27

01.E 170.40G.HR.E.P

01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.V

01.NR 1000.10.1G.10.B.V.VA

 01.E 450.10VG.HR.E.P.VA

01.NR 630.3VG.10.B.V.-

01.NR 1000.10API.10.B.P.VA, 

01.E 600.25G.HR.E.P,

01.NR 1000.25G.10.B.P.V


01.E 90.25VG.HR.E.V.

01.NR 100.25VG.10.B.P.

01.NR 1000.25API.10.B.P.

01.E 90.3VG.30.E.P,

01.NR 1000.80G.10.B.V.

 01.NR 1000.25API.10.B.P.VA,

01.E 90.3VG.30.E.P,

01.NR 630.10VG.10.B.V

01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.V.I,

 01.E 90.25G.30.E.P,

01.NR 63.25VG.10.B.P

01.NR 1000.10VG.10.B.V.,

 01.E 240.80G.HR.E.P.VA,

01.NR 1000.10VG.10.B.P.VA

01.NR 1001.10API.10.B.P., 

01.E 900.25G.HR.E.P.VA

 01.NR 100.10VG.10.B.P

 01.NR 1000.25API.10.B.V, 

01.E 900.25G.HR.E.P.VA

01.NR 1000.500G.10.B.P

01.NR 1000.10API.10.B.V, 10API

 01.E 360.6VG.HR.E.P.VA

01.NR 1000.40G.10.B.P.V

01.NR 1000.3VG.10.B.P.VA,

 01.E 900.3VG.HR.E.V

01.NR 250.10VG.10.B.P.-

01.NR 1000.25VG.16.B.V.IS25

 01.E 150.25VG.HR.E.P.VA

 01.NR 63.10VG.10.B.P,

01.E 450.25G.HR.E.P

01.E 60.500G.HR.E.P.

 01.NR 160.10VG.10.B.P

01.E 600.3VG.HR.E.P

01.E 170.6VG.30.E.P,

01.NR 250.25VG.10.B.P

 01.E 600.10VG.HR.E.V,

 01.E 240.6VG.30.E.P

01.NR 250.3VG.10.B.P.

 01.E 600.6VG.HR.E.P.

01.E 240.16VG.HR.E.P.

 01.NR 250.6VG.10.B.P,

 01.E 900.3VG.HR.E.P

01.E 360.16VG.HR.E.P

01.NR 1000.250G.10.B.P.

 01.E 900.10VG.30.E.P.

01.E 450.6VG.30.E.P

01.NR 1000.6VG.10.B.P.IS

01.E 900.25VG.30.E.P,

01.E 600.6VG.30.E.P

 01.NR 400.10VG.10.B.P

01.E 60.25G.30.E.P

 01.E 60.16VG.HR.E.P,

01.NR 1000.10VG.10.B.P.I

01.E 90.3VG.HR.E.V

01.E 60.25G.30.E.P.VA

01.NR 1000.1VG.10.B.V,

01.E 60.80G.30.E.P

01.E 90.130G.30.E.P.

01.NR 1000.250G.10.B.V

01.E 600.10VG.30.E.V

01.E 90.25G.30.E.P.VA,

 01.NR 630.1VG.10.B.P.-

01.E 450.3VG.HR.E.P

01.E 90.6VG.30.E.P

01.NR 1000.25VG.16.B.V.IS25 FA,

01.E 60.6VG.30.E.P

 01.E 150.6VG.30.E.P

01.NR 250.1VG.10.B.P.

01.E 240.25G.30.E.P.

01.NR 250.25G.10.B.P,

01.NR 630.250G.10.B.P.


01.NR 1000.25VG.10.B.N

 01.NR 630.6VG.10.B.V

 01.E 30.3VG.30.E.P,

01.NR 250.3VG.10.B.V.V,

01.NR 1000.500G.10.B.V

01.E 30.6VG.30.E.P, 

 01.NR 1000.32227.10VG.25G.25.B.V.

01.NR 1000.10G.10.B.P.

01.E 30.6VG.30.E.P, 

01.NR 1000.1000G.10.B.P

01.NR 250.3VG.10.B.V,

 01.E 30.3VG.HR.E.P, 

01.NR 1000.1VG.10.B.P.IS

01.NR 630.6VG.10.B.P.V

01.E 170.40G.30.E.P.-,

01.NR 250.25VG.10.B.V

01.NR 1000.1VG.10.B.P.

01.E 170.25G.30.E.P,

01.NR 400.25VG.10.B.P

 01.NR 400.3VG.10.B.P

01.NR 1000.25.1G.10.B.P

01.NR 630.25VG.10.B.V

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Product advantages
High resistance to variable operating pressures and flow rates contribute to one of the highest dirt-holding capacities and filtration efficiencies on the market
Filters contain more pleats and surface area than many competitors
Consistent filter efficiency, even at high differential pressure
Exceptional value and price-performance ration
Improved system reliability
Decreased number of maintenance operations
Lower maintenance costs
Extended filter element life
Customized solutions for specific filtration challenges
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