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Z&L filter  factory supplying HC008,HC0101,HC0162,HC171,HC0250,HC0251,HC0252,HC0470,HC2206,HC2207,HC2208,HC2216,HC2217,HC2218 hydraulic filter element
HC2208 FCS4H.306605

Product Ability
Element series: hc2208 series
Condition: New
Applicable Industries: hydraulic oil filtrationcoal milling machinery
Place of Origin: Hebei, China
Brand Name: Z&L FILTER
Product name: hydraulic oil filter cartridge
Application: filtration
Filter Material: glass fiber , steel support ,ss caps/bottoms
Filtration micron: 10 micron
Filtration efficiency : 98%
Height: 8.3 in
Outer diameter: 1.9in
Working pressure (PSI) : 305
Low operating temperature (F) : -13
High operating temperature (F) : 248
Flow: from outside to inside
Material of gasket: nitrile rubber
Fluid type: HH/ HL/ HM/ HV/ HFD
Accuracy: 10 microns

Product parameters

Produce Name hydraulic lube and oil filter cartridge
certification ISO9001
Filter material plastic caps and bottoms .ss mesh support.rubber ,glass fiber
Place of origin CHINA
OEM NO. HC2208 FCS4H.306605
Brand name z&l filter
Fits The filtration effect and the service life of the post-filter element are greatly increased by adopting the perfect manufacturing technology of tapering wire winding structure.
Primary Filter Media Source Hv filter or Chinese glassfiber
dimensions Height:8.3 in
OD Top: 1.9in
ID_Bottom: 1.2in
Operating Efficiency OE HD 97% Initial Eff. on10 micron

Z&L filter  factory supplying HC008,HC0101,HC0162,HC171,HC0250,HC0251,HC0252,HC0470,HC2206,HC2207,HC2208,HC2216,HC2217,HC2218 hydraulic filter element
HC2208 FCS4H.306605

 Product introduction
Z&L Filter produces HC2208 FCS4H.306605. hydraulic oil filter products, the filter material is divided into domestic filter material and imported filter material, glass fiber filter paper adopts experimental grade high-quality filter paper, filter core support frame end cover are thickened and the surface after special chemical treatment, chemical stability bearing capacity is greatly improved

Product related series

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HC008FKT11H    HC0251FDN10H    HC2207FDN3H    HC2216FKN6Z
HC0101FKP18H    HC0251FDS10H    HC2207FDS3H    HC2216FKS6Z
HC0101FKN18H    HC0252FKP6H    HC2207FDT3H    HC2216FKT6Z
HC0101FKS18H    HC0252FKN6H    HC2207FDP6H    HC2216FKP8Z
HC0101FKP36H    HC0252FKS6H    HC2207FDN6H    HC2216FKN8Z
HC0101FKN36H    HC0252FKP10H    HC2207FDS6H    HC2216FKS8Z
HC0101FKS36H    HC0252FKN10H    HC2207FDT6H    HC2216FKT8Z
HC0162FDP6H    HC0252FKS10H    HC2208FKP4H    HC2216FKP14Z
HC0162FDN6H    HC0600FKP16H    HC2208FKN4H    HC2216FKN14Z
HC0162FDS6H    HC0600FKN16H    HC2208FKS4H    HC2216FKS14Z
HC0162FDP10H    HC0600FKS16H    HC2208FKT4H    HC2216FKT14Z
HC0162FDN10H    HC2206FKP3H    HC2208FKP8H    HC2217FDP4H
HC0162FDS10H    HC2206FKN3H    HC2208FKN8H    HC2217FDN4H
HC0162FDP16H    HC2206FKS3H    HC2208FKS8H    HC2217FDS4H
HC0162FDN16H    HC2206FKT3H    HC2208FKT8H    HC2217FDT4H
HC0162FDS16H    HC2206FKP6H    HC2216FKP4H    HC2217FDP6H
HC0171FDP10H    HC2206FKN6H    HC2216FKN4H    HC2217FDN6H
HC0171FDN10H    HC2206FKS6H    HC2216FKS4H    HC2217FDS6H
HC0171FDS10H    HC2206FKT6H    HC2216FKT4H    HC2217FDT6H
HC0171FDP16H    HC2206FKP8H    HC2216FKP6H    HC2218FKP4H
HC0171FDN16H    HC2206FKN8H    HC2216FKN6H    HC2218FKN4H
HC0171FDS16H    HC2206FKS8H    HC2216FKS6H    HC2218FKS4H
HC0250FDP6H    HC2206FKT8H    HC2216FKT6H    HC2218FKT4H
HC0250FDS6H    HC2206FKP3Z    HC2216FKP8H    HC2218FKP6H
HC0250FDP10H    HC2206FKN3Z    HC2216FKN8H    HC2218FKN6H
HC0250FDS10H    HC2206FKS3Z    HC2216FKS8H    HC2218FKS6H
HC0251FKP6H    HC2206FKT3Z    HC2216FKT8H    HC2218FKT6H
HC0251FKN6H    HC2206FKP6Z    HC2216FKP14H    HC2233FKP6H
HC0251FKS6H    HC2206FKN6Z    HC2216FKN14H    HC2233FKN6H
HC0251FKP10H    HC2206FKS6Z    HC2216FKS14H    HC2233FKS6H
HC0251FKN10H    HC2206FKT6Z    HC2216FKT14H    HC2233FKT6H
HC0251FKS10H    HC2206FKP8Z    HC2216FKP4Z    HC2233FKP13H
HC0251FDP6H    HC2206FKN8Z    HC2216FKN4Z    HC2233FKN13H
HC0251FDN6H    HC2206FKS8Z    HC2216FKS4Z    HC2233FKS13H

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Product advantages
High resistance to variable operating pressures and flow rates contribute to one of the highest dirt-holding capacities and filtration efficiencies on the market
Filters contain more pleats and surface area than many competitors
Consistent filter efficiency, even at high differential pressure
Exceptional value and price-performance ration
Improved system reliability
Decreased number of maintenance operations
Lower maintenance costs
Extended filter element life
Customized solutions for specific filtration challenges
 Product application
Our Service:
Service Provide: 
OEM ODM & OBM service, printing or logo information is acceptable.
Quality Guarantee:
All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out. If any problems caused by the product itself,
we will supply you the new replaced ones ASAP.

After-sales Service:
Any problems caused by using our products:
1) Keep the problem products and timely contact with us for better feedbacks.
2) Please do not damage problem products, if necessary, Send the 
    products and the attached oil and the coolant sample together to us for better analyzing
3) Attached with repair document, parts list, labor costs and any other materials which 
    can support a claim for compensation. 

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