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Boll Filter Replacement 1450049

Item No.: 1450049
Type:  Press Filter  Structure:  candle shape  Place of Origin:  Hebei, China (Mainland)
Weight:  0.2-1 KG  Warranty:  12 Months  Working Medium: General Hydraulic Oil
Function: Hydraulic Filter Filtrate Dust  Product name:  candle filter
Product Description
 filter  products can be used for many applications. They include very different branches of industry, such as ship- and engine-building, steel as well as the automotive and chemical industries, power generation, water treatment and supply. The media requiring filtration also differ greatly, e.g. fuels, lubricant, gas, coolants, oils, cleaning agents and water. Accordingly, the demands on the single applications vary strongly. With concentrated and fully differentiated competence we know our profession in depth and breadth.


Other Part Number
1340014  1112387S01
1340125 1112387S01
1340079 1108033S01
134009 1112389S01
1340100 1112390S01
1340043 1112391S01
1340098 1112393S01
1340442 1103397S01
1450025 1112392S01
1450600 1112399S01
1450023 1112394S01
1442723 1112395S01
7608089 1104201S01
7670117 1112397S01
7605706 1112397S01