Jul.2019 23
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What Are The Factors That Cause Hankison Filter Replacement Life To Shorten?

First, the medium, as the name suggests, the chemical substance contained in the medium has a strong corrosive effect on the Hankison Filter Replacement, such as some residual liquid of strong acid or strong alkali. It is important to choose good media;

Second, the filter paper filter filter selection, the general domestic glass fiber filter paper quality is relatively poor to choose imported glass fiber filter paper, filtration accuracy according to the needs, as long as the choice of filter paper quality is generally guaranteed to be able to use more than a year, often some Dealers will choose to make domestic products in order to reduce costs. When choosing, pay attention to the appearance color is very different;

Third, the Low Airflow Resistance Precision Filters, the number of holes per unit area of the inner and outer net, the more the number of holes, the larger the effective filter area. The effective filtration area directly affects the filtering effect, so be careful when selecting. In the hydraulic system, the dawn filter element is used to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, and effectively control the pollution degree of the working medium.
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