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The Importance Of Hankison Filter Replacement In Environmental Protection Industry
As a kind of Hankison Filter Replacement widely used in environmental protection industry

As a kind of Hankison Filter Replacement widely used in environmental protection industry, stainless steel filter element generally adopts: stainless steel woven mesh, stainless steel punched mesh, stainless steel sintered mesh, stainless steel sintered felt, single-layer stainless steel mesh, multi-layer stainless steel mesh, multi-layer Stainless steel sintered mesh, stainless steel powder sintered plate and other materials. It has a wide range of porosity (18%-90%), a pore size (0.5u-360u) and a wide range of filtration accuracy (0.2um-100um). The filter channels are criss-crossed, resistant to high temperatures and quenching. Stable and reliable performance, acid and alkali resistance, and suitable for repeated use, can greatly reduce production costs.

As the environment becomes more and more serious, many households use the fresh air system, and there are also shadows of stainless steel filter elements. Because of its high structural strength, corrosion resistance, stable and reliable filtration effect, easy to clean and regenerate, no secondary pollution of other low-grade filter cores. Excellent characteristics, used in high-grade fresh air systems, is a noble product in the filtration system.

Natural Gas Coalescer Filter Element cartridges are used in a wide range of applications, including: petrochemical, oilfield pipeline filtration; fueling equipment, engineering machinery and equipment fuel filtration; water treatment industry equipment filtration; pharmaceutical and food processing. Stainless steel filter cartridges are also suitable for pre- and post-treatment systems in the industrial sectors of electronics, petroleum, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food. Further purification of water with low suspended impurities (less than 2~5mg/L)
Hankison Filter Replacement