Why Does ISO9001 Replacement Air Filter Element Create a Bypass Phenomenon A?

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Update time : 2019-03-06 15:07:59

(1) Defects of filter media

Damage to the ISO9001 Replacement Air Filter Element media is often caused by the incompatibility of some of the materials with the oil; it may also be caused by material fatigue due to periodic flow and frequent changes in pressure. After the fatigue formed a loophole, can not play a role in filtering. ISO2941 is a method standard for detecting incompleteness.

(2) The filter structure is incomplete

Metal Replacement Fleetguard Air Filter Element are often composed of argon arc welding or brazing; most modern filter elements are rarely metallic materials, they are non-metallic fibers and are bonded with resin glue. If the welding or bonding process is not good, the filter element will be damaged after a period of use, causing leakage. Leakage at least allows some large particles to escape and return to the system. Incompleteness includes defects in the filter material, as well as the lack of sealing of the assembled assembly.
ISO9001 Replacement Air Filter Element