What Is The Filtration Rate Of ISO9001 Air Filter?

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Update time : 2019-03-21 15:42:48

When the solid particles in the suspension are large and the particle size is uniform, the pores of the ISO9001 Air Filter residue layer are unblocked and the filtrate passes through the filter residue layer faster. Coagulants are used to aggregate fine particles into larger aggregates, which is beneficial to improve filtration speed.

For the suspension with fast settling speed of solid particles, it can be applied to the filter with feeding on the upper part of the Natural Gas Coalescer Filter Element medium to make the filtering direction consistent with the gravity direction. Coarse particles are first settled to reduce the blockage of the filter medium and filter slag layer. Coarse solid particles, such as diatomaceous earth and expanded perlite, can be mixed into the suspension that is difficult to filter (such as colloid) to loosen the filter residue layer. When the filtrate viscosity is large, the suspension can be heated to reduce the viscosity. All these measures can speed up the filtration.
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