Steps To Replace The Engine Oil Filter

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Update time : 2019-12-10 11:04:00

The function of the oil filter is to remove metal debris and various impurities in the engine lubricating oil to prevent it from entering the lubrication system and wearing parts. After using the oil filter for a period of time, many oil sludge and metal debris will collect on the filter element, causing the filter to be blocked, blocking the flow of lubricating oil, and preventing the system from working normally. At this time, the oil filter (or filter element) and the oil should be replaced in time. So how should the oil filter be replaced properly? The following suppliers of Hydraulic Oil Filter Cartridge Filter will come to tell you.

To ensure safe operation, pay attention to the following replacement of the engine oil filter: Park the car on a flat ground. If the ground is tilted, the old oil will not be discharged. When replacing the engine oil filter, it is best to choose before leaving the car. If the engine has been running, it should be performed at least 30 minutes after stopping the engine to allow the oil to fully fall back to the oil pan.

(1) Remove the oil drain plug and drain the engine oil.

(2) After draining, clean the oil drain plug. Then install the oil drain plug and tighten it according to the following requirements.

(3) Loosen the oil filter with an oil filter spanner.

(4) Apply engine oil to the O-ring of the heart oil filter.

(5) Screw the new oil filter to the oil filter support by hand, know that the O-ring of the filter is in contact with the mounting surface, and then tighten it with the oil filter spanner.

In order to properly tighten the oil filter, pay attention to identifying the exact position of the initial contact of the filter O-ring with the mounting surface.

(6) After contacting the mounting surface, tighten the filter 3/4 turn with the oil filter spanner.

In addition, there are two types of oil filter replacement, one is the whole and the other is the decomposable type. The Durable Hydraulic Oil Filter Supplier introduces the replacement methods separately.


Oil Filter

(1) Replacement of integral oil filter

Most automobile engines use integral oil filters. The filter element is not removable. When impurities block the filter element and the oil flow resistance increases, the Oil Filter must be replaced as a whole. This work can be handed over to the technical staff of the 4S shop, but the car owner's proper understanding of the operating specifications is conducive to ensuring quality. When replacing the oil filter, it is necessary to remove it with special tools, and clean the installation surface of the oil filter to prevent impurities from affecting the sealing effect, and then apply clean oil to the new oil filter gasket. Tighten the oil filter by hand until you feel resistance, then use special tools to tighten 3/4 turns. Be sure to start the engine and check the oil filter for leaks.

(2) Decomposable Oil Filter

Replacement of the filter element For the decomposable oil filter, when the filter element is dirty and clogged, it is only necessary to replace the filter element. The operation method is as follows:

Place an oil pan on the drain plug of the engine oil pan, remove the drain plug, and drain the old oil.

When the old engine oil in the oil pan is drained, remove the filter element with a filter spanner, take a new new element, apply a layer of oil to the 0-shaped sealing ring of the element, and screw the element to Tighten it. Do not tighten this filter with a filter spanner to prevent damage to the O-ring and oil leakage. After the same installation, start the engine. Under idle condition, observe whether the filter is leaking. If there is leakage, the oil seal rubber ring should be disassembled and inspected to eliminate oil leakage.