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How To Adjust Replacement Candle Element BOLL Filters Filter Flow?
we have to observe the flow of the Replacement Candle Element BOLL Filters.

1. First we have to observe the flow of the Replacement Candle Element BOLL Filters. If the valve is very large and our flow is still small, we have to check to see if our stainless steel filter is clogged. The high-precision filter element has relatively poor oil-passing ability (and the accuracy of the filter element installed in different positions is also different), and the high-precision filter element is also more likely to be blocked. If the high-precision stainless steel filter element must be used, one affects the oil flow rate. One is a short life and must be replaced frequently.

2. We need to check the medium pressure from time to time. We must ensure that the circulation pressure must reach the pressure we need when filtering, so that we can filter well.

3. The position and working environment of the Vulcanizing Machine Filter Element will also affect the flow rate of the filter element. The function and precision of the filter element in different positions are also different. Installed at the oil suction port: Generally there will be a surface type filter at the oil suction port. Large impurities, the filtration capacity should be more than twice the pump flow rate, and the pressure loss is less than 0.02Mpa; the filter installed at the oil outlet: the function of this filter is to filter out the pollution that may invade the valve type components, and the accuracy is generally It is 10~15μm and its performance withstands the working pressure and impact pressure on the oil road. The pressure drop is less than 0.35Mpa.

4. What we still need to do is to adjust the amount of stainless steel filter, mainly to see what kind of flow we need, and to control the medium pressure and other conditions.