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How does Vacuum Pump Oil Separator Guarantee Strong Interception?
The accuracy range of the Vacuum Pump Oil Separator varies from 5 to 300 microns depending on the make and model.

The pre-filter is usually installed at the front end of the pipe, so it is named after the word "front"; and "filtering" refers to the basic principle of this type of device. Usually a "T" type structure. The left and right ends of the "one horizontal" position above are the inlet and outlet. The "one vertical" position below is the cylindrical filter inside the fuselage and the inside, and the lowermost end is the sewage outlet, which is controlled by a valve to open and close.

The accuracy range of the Vacuum Pump Oil Separator varies from 5 to 300 microns depending on the make and model. Mainly removes the sediment impurities and bacteria, microbial residues, rust, sand mud and other particulate impurities larger than 5 microns to avoid damage to the human body and skin; and to downstream pipelines, water purifiers, water heaters, washing machines, high-grade The faucet and the shower have a positive protective effect. The pre-filter can also add the “phosphorus phosphate-reducing” scale-reducing filter to prevent the scale of the solar energy and the water heater.

Usually installed in the water meter of the water inlet pipe to ensure that a large amount of sediment impurities generated in the pipe network will not cause harm to the human body, and it will play an active role in protecting the dark pipe, faucet and electrical appliances. The pre-filter is a secondary polluted nemesis and is a reliable impurity filtering device.

Multi-media Water oil Separator Element Oil Filter (filter bed), which uses two or more kinds of media as the filter medium of the filter layer. In the industrial circulating water treatment system, it is used to remove impurities in the sewage, adsorb oil, etc., so that the water quality meets the requirements of recycling. . The function of filtration is mainly to remove suspended or colloidal impurities in water, in particular, it can effectively remove tiny particles and bacteria which cannot be removed by sedimentation technology, and BOD5 and COD also have a certain degree of removal effect.

The multi-media filter material in the filter is high-quality uniform gravel, quartz sand, magnetite, anthracite and other filter materials. These filter materials are scientifically and orderly distributed in the filter tank according to their specific gravity and particle size, such as small specific gravity. The slightly larger anthracite coal is placed on the uppermost layer of the filter bed, and the quartz sand with a moderate specific gravity and small particle size is placed in the middle layer of the filter bed, and the gravel having a larger specific gravity and larger particle size is placed in the lowermost layer of the filter bed. This ratio ensures that the filter does not create a layering phenomenon during the backwashing, thereby ensuring the retention capacity of the filter material.

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