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What is DC series Desiccant Air Breathers air filter cartridge
DC series Desiccant Air Breathers

DC series Desiccant Air Breathers air filter cartridge

Welcome to closely care about  fluid system contamination. They could replace the breather cap or air filter on hydraulic fluid reservoirs, bulk storage tanks, gear boxes, oil-filled transformers, oil drums, and other fluid reservoir.
DC series Desiccant Air Breathers will provide protection from moisture and contaminants for a variety of fluid reservoirs. DC series desiccant air breather operates by adsorbing the moisture and contaminants before it enters your fluid system. The silica gel color will indicate when it's spent, by turning from blue to pink. This allows you to easily monitor your breather time to be exchange which provides you with effective continuous protection of your fluid ,hydraulic systems.
The presence of moisture in lubricants and hydraulic fluids is a constant concern. Viscosity changes, rust, oxidation, lubricant additive/depletion, and sludge problems are just a few of the problems that can happen when you have moisture. Protect your fluids with contamination control as small as 3 micron.
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