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Analysis of dust filter core application in power plant
Analysis of dust filter core application in power plant
Now everyone pays attention to energy conservation and emissions reduction, stainless steel filter filter industry, which are often used in a product, playing a very important role in the environmental protection industry, but some people also can't  master smoothly the correct method of use, so its service life is becoming more and more shorter,  today I will introduce how to lengthen  the service life of the stainless steel filter to achieve everybody better using of the filtration equipment.
Stainless steel plant dust removal filter commonly used 304, 304 l, 304, 316 l material such as stainless steel woven mesh or stainless steel fiber sintered felt as main filter material, stainless steel plant dust filter the sealing surface by use of argon arc welding technology, welding filter layer adopts multiple folding folding process, overall stainless steel plant dust removal filter constitute a complete filter structure, no leakage, no medium falls off phenomenon. Generally compared to five layers folding, high strength, large filtering area, widely used in various industrial filtering equipment.
     Sintering felt main filter material is stainless steel fiber sintered felt, which also is known as folding wave mat/corrugated metal filter, with stainless steel fiber sintered felt as the key filter layer.The stainless steel fiber sintered felt is composed of the metal fibre sintering, and metal filaments is  stretching to the fiber diameter available at the same time, and then apply with the weight and the diameter of the standard of cluster into silk, cut off, the method of using appropriate made fluffy blanket, and sintering felt is several different diameter of the fluffy felt lined up together, form accumulation of a certain thickness of fiber, fiber cross each other into a three-dimensional pore, Then through high temperature vacuum sintering and then rolled into finished sintering felt.
[Application range of stainless steel power plant dust filter element] applicable to the pretreatment and post-treatment systems in electronic, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial sectors. The water quality with low suspended impurities (less than 2~5mg/L) was further purified.
The details are as follows:
 1. Petroleum chemical industry, oil field pipeline filtration;
2. Oil feeding equipment and construction machinery equipment fuel filter;
3. Filtration of equipment in water treatment industry;
4. In the field of pharmaceutical and food processing;
5. Stainless steel woven net and stainless steel punching net are used for the pre-stage water removal in the heavy oil combustion system, and can also for chemical liquid filtration.
Ο type seal maintenance and replacement of maintenance: when using Ο type sealing ring groove in the aim to Ο type, to avoid improper extrusion led Ο type sealing ring deformation.Ο type seal must be removed to wipe clean, or residual liquid adhesive on the surface after solidification, lead to hardening, sealing. Replacement: if Ο type sealing ring has been aging or damaged, please change in time. Replacement should choose the same type of Ο type sealing ring.
Special declaration:
1. Under normal use, the filter and support network are under warranty for one year.
2. The design pressure of the standard bag filter is 1.0mpa, and the recommended working pressure is 0.5mpa, except for the special specification.
3. The design pressure of inside the jacket of pocket filter is 1.0mpa, and the recommended working pressure is 0.6mpa.
4. The design pressure of multi-bag filter is 1.0mpa, * pressure working pressure 0.6mpa.